$24 Classic Silver Men's Military Slider Buckle with Canvas Web Belt Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Slider,Buckle,/levulinic209934.html,Canvas,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Silver,Belt,with,Classic,Web,everythingstudio.org,Men's,Military,$24 $24 Classic Silver Men's Military Slider Buckle with Canvas Web Belt Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Slider,Buckle,/levulinic209934.html,Canvas,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Silver,Belt,with,Classic,Web,everythingstudio.org,Men's,Military,$24 Classic Silver Men's Military Slider Belt Web Buckle Washington Mall Canvas with Classic Silver Men's Military Slider Belt Web Buckle Washington Mall Canvas with

Max 41% OFF Classic Silver Men's Military Slider Belt Web Buckle Washington Mall Canvas with

Classic Silver Men's Military Slider Buckle with Canvas Web Belt


Classic Silver Men's Military Slider Buckle with Canvas Web Belt

Product description

This classic silver slider military style buckle can come with any color belt in up to a size XXXL. This is a classic slider style 1.25" military buckle that is known for its ease of use and durability. All buckles and canvas belts are 1.25 inches wide, and the web belts fit through most belt loop sizes. Belt webbing is made of a high quality cotton/acrylic blend that is color fast and does not fray.
Sizing: Consult with the product images for a size chart. Select the size that best fits your needs. If unsure, choose the largest size and then resize when you receive it. The canvas web belt is resizeable, and can be removed from the buckle. The belt can be easily cut, and then the end burned. Please consult with help topics for more information on resizing the belt.

Classic Silver Men's Military Slider Buckle with Canvas Web Belt

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