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camel active Men's Chelsea Boot, us 7.5


camel active Men's Chelsea Boot, us 7.5

Product description

Super fashionable outdoor boat inspired by classic Chelsea boots for extended hikes. The upper material is high-quality leather with Elasik inserts for easy putting on. Fashionable accents are the coloured piping on the edge of the shaft, the logo branding and the double pull loop. Comfortable thanks to a textile lining and the removable insole. The robust, two-tone sole is lightweight and has the right grip.

camel active Men's Chelsea Boot, us 7.5

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(PMJ) is a peer-reviewed journal that supports the continuing development of junior doctors and their teachers.

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Postgraduate Medical Journal (PMJ) is a Plan S compliant Transformative Journal.

PMJ is a peer reviewed journal published by BMJ on behalf of the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine. PMJ publishes papers that focus on core competencies; describe current practice and new developments in all branches of medicine; describe relevance and impact of translational research on clinical practice; provide background relevant to examinations; as well as papers on medical education and medical education research.

PMJ supports CPD by providing the opportunity for doctors to publish many types of articles including original clinical research, reviews; quality improvement reports, editorials and correspondence on clinical matters.

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Bernard Cheung, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
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PMJ accepts submissions of a wide range of article types, including original research and reviews.
The Author Information section provides specific article requirements to help you turn your research into an article suitable for PMJ.

Information is also provided on editorial policies and open access.

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