Sale Special Price DoLoveY Women Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Slim Shaper Body Jacket $23 DoLoveY Women Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Jacket Body Shaper Slim Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $23 DoLoveY Women Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Jacket Body Shaper Slim Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Weight,Body,DoLoveY,Shaper,Sauna,,Slim,Women,$23,Neoprene,Jacket,Loss,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/intransmissible209980.html Weight,Body,DoLoveY,Shaper,Sauna,,Slim,Women,$23,Neoprene,Jacket,Loss,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/intransmissible209980.html Sale Special Price DoLoveY Women Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Slim Shaper Body Jacket

Sale Special Price DoLoveY Women Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Slim Shaper Seasonal Wrap Introduction Body Jacket

DoLoveY Women Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Jacket Body Shaper Slim


DoLoveY Women Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Jacket Body Shaper Slim

Product Description

DoLove Women's Sauna Slim Skinny Jacket Waist Trainer Neoprene Body Shaper.

Enjoy sports and weight loss, DoLove helps you quickly shape your body! This long-sleeve blazer sports top helps reduce arm and waist fat, eliminates sagging of upper arms and big belly, making them look slimmer.


  • The smell of neoprene in weight loss sauna suits is normal. Before using for the first time, please wash with cold water and hang to dry to keep the shape. Do not use the washing machine to avoid damaging the zipper.
  • People with sensitive skin, please wear a normal shirt under this neoprene shaper, or don't use it.

DoLoveY Women Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Jacket Body Shaper Slim

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