$43 Elon Complete Hair Care Kit for Early Hair Loss – Scalp Cleaner Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Elon Shipping included Complete Hair Care Kit for – Cleaner Early Loss Scalp Hair,Hair,everythingstudio.org,Complete,Scalp,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,for,–,Early,Loss,Care,/hundredth210017.html,Elon,Cleaner,Kit,$43 Elon Shipping included Complete Hair Care Kit for – Cleaner Early Loss Scalp Hair,Hair,everythingstudio.org,Complete,Scalp,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,for,–,Early,Loss,Care,/hundredth210017.html,Elon,Cleaner,Kit,$43 $43 Elon Complete Hair Care Kit for Early Hair Loss – Scalp Cleaner Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Elon Bombing new work Shipping included Complete Hair Care Kit for – Cleaner Early Loss Scalp

Elon Complete Hair Care Kit for Early Hair Loss – Scalp Cleaner


Elon Complete Hair Care Kit for Early Hair Loss – Scalp Cleaner

Product description


Transform your everyday into a great hair day with our hair care gift sets. Our hair thinning system for advanced hair loss is designed specifically for over-processed, brittle, weak, and dry hair where each formula targets the main causes of unhealthy hair and promotes healthier and stronger hair growth for those who want to maintain their glossy locks.

Bundle Includes:

  • Scalp Cleanser (200 ml/6.7 fl. Oz): hydrolyzed wheat protein, peppermint oil, gingko biloba leaf extract, aloe and enriched with bi-sentials complex.
  • Leave-In Treatment (200 ml/6.7 fl. oz): panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), peppermint oil, gingko biloba, biotin, aloe leaf and sunflower oil.
  • R3 Extra Strength (60 tablets): biotin: 5000 mcg, l-cysteine: 50 mg, fish collagen peptides: 600 mg, and silicon dioxide: 100 mg and natural vanilla flavor.

    How to Use:

    STEP 1: Wet your hair, lather, and apply the scalp cleanse on your scalp, massage into scalp and rinse thoroughly for best results use daily.
    STEP 2: Use OUTSIDE the shower. Towel dry hair. After using Elon Scalp Cleanser, apply quarter-sized amount evenly to massage on the scalp. DO NOT RINSE. Wash hands after application.
    STEP 3: Take our R3 extra strength as a dietary supplement twice a day.


    Recommended to patients by dermatologists for over 25 years, Elon Essentials is a trusted brand that has provided effective, pharmaceutical-grade hair, skin, and nail products since 1991.
    provided effective, pharmaceutical-grade hair, skin, and nail products since 1991.

  • Product Description


    Elon Complete Hair Care Kit for Early Hair Loss – Scalp Cleaner

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