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Speedo Women's Swimsuit Miami Mall Piece Endurance Solid 2021 The Color One Team

Speedo Women's Swimsuit Piece Endurance The One Solid Team Color


Speedo Women's Swimsuit Piece Endurance The One Solid Team Color

Product description

Push yourself in a swimsuit made for achievement. Endurance fabric powers this style, delivering durability and shape retention that lasts through seasons. The minimalist back design helps with better tan lines and features fixed racerback straps for better range of motion.

From the manufacturer

Women’s Racing amp; Practice Suits

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Cross the finish line in style with our wide selection of racing and practice suits for women. From elite racing suits to flyback styles and more, Speedo's collection of competitive swimwear offers unique construction techniques as well as cutting-edge materials to help you slice through the water.

Product Benefits

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Front and back lining for a smooth look and extra layering for colder waters.

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Compression for increased muscle support and decreased recovery time.

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Chlorine amp; Pilling Resistant

Chlorine resistant for superior color retention and resists pilling for increased wear.

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UPF 50/Block The Burn

All-over protection blocks up to 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Speedo fabrications

Back Styles Available

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Elite / Competitive / Racing Team / Competitive / Practice Team / Competitive / Practice Team / Competitive / Practice Practice / Team Practice / Team Practice / Team
Compression Fit
UPF 50
Piling Resistant
Chlorine Resistant

Speedo Women's Swimsuit Piece Endurance The One Solid Team Color

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