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kensie OFFicial Women's Drapey French Jacket Terry Front Open Dedication

kensie Women's Drapey French Terry Open Front Jacket


kensie Women's Drapey French Terry Open Front Jacket

Product description

French terry open front jacket. This jacket features a non-functional oversized collar, resembling a hood, lined with snaps and drawstring for added detail.

프렌치 테리 오픈 프론트 재킷. 이 재킷은 후드와 유사한 기능성이 없는 오버사이즈 칼라가 특징이며, 스냅과 드로스트링으로 안감을 덧대어 디테일을 더했습니다.

kensie Women's Drapey French Terry Open Front Jacket

Saturday, September 25, 2021
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