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Men's Sport Sandals Closed Toe Outdoor Leather A At the price Max 70% OFF Sandal Handmade

Men's Sport Sandals Closed Toe Outdoor Handmade Leather Sandal A


Men's Sport Sandals Closed Toe Outdoor Handmade Leather Sandal A

Product description

color options: black, brown, large size,10,11,12
Wow, I have to say now that hand-sewn shoes are a trend
It is so Comfortable and very durable.
This sports sandals are equipped with Velcro and can be adjusted according to the size of your feet.
As fisherman sandals, Sport Sandals, Beach Shoes,work shoes, Outdoor Handmade leather Sandal, comfortable and breathable,worth having

Please note: If you are not sure about the size, measure the heel and refer to the following size recommendations

size chart;
Foot Length 9.45 "inches=US6.5=UK5.5=EU38 = CN38
Foot Length 9.65 "inches=US7.0=UK6.0=EU38.5 = CN39
Foot length 9.85 "inches=US7.5=UK6.5=EU39.5 = CN40
Foot length 10.05 "inches=US8.0=UK7.0=EU40 = CN41
Foot length 10.25 "inches=US8.5=UK7.5=EU41 = CN42
Foot length 10.45 "inches=US9.5=UK8.5=EU41.5 = CN43
Foot length 10.65 "inches=US10.0=UK9.0=EU42.5 = CN44
Foot length 10.85 "inches=US10.5=UK9.5=EU43 = CN45
Foot length 11.05 "inches=US11.0=UK10.0=EU44 = CN46
Foot length 11.25 "inches=US11.5=UK10.5=EU44.5 = CN47
Foot length 11.45 "inches=US12.0 = UK11 = EU45.5 = CN48

Dear Buyer: Thanks for your support.
We will always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.
If you are not satisfied with our shoes,please feel free to email us to contact us.
We will respond within 24 hours and provide you with the most suitable solution.

Men's Sport Sandals Closed Toe Outdoor Handmade Leather Sandal A


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