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ShinyBeauty 4FTx15FT-Sequin Aisle Runner-Gold unisex Run Sparkly Carpet Max 57% OFF

ShinyBeauty 4FTx15FT-Sequin Aisle Runner-Gold Sparkly Carpet Run


ShinyBeauty 4FTx15FT-Sequin Aisle Runner-Gold Sparkly Carpet Run

Product Description

ShinyBeauty Aisle Runners for Weddings amp; Party

Aisle Runners for Weddings

ShinyBeauty sequin aisle runner will be a royal aisle runner for you to join in any occasion like wedding, party, event, prom or indoor outdoor hallway. Our sparkle carpet runner will dress up and add the colors to any occasions and add a perfect mood for you.

Wedding Aisle Runner: Perfect for your romantic wedding whether in the beach or church.The right aisle runner turns it into a stage by creating a focal point that allows the bride and your party to be special.

INDOOR OR OUTDOOR: Perfect wedding decoration for your ceremony in a church or on the beach! With this aisle runner in your wedding, you will have a unforgettable experience!

FABULOUS EFFECT: This sequin aisle runner creates an elegant and beautiful pathway for your walk down the aisle.

Aisle Runners for Weddings

More Colors Aisle Runner:

Red, Pink Gold, Silver, Blue, Royal Blue, White, Fuchsia, Purple, Blue, Gold, Black, Turquoise, Navy, Ivory, Maroon, Champagne, Orange, Pink

We provide different sizes of the sequin aisle runner for you.










Our sequin aisle runner is made of sparkly 3mm round high-density sequins with mesh fabric backing, not easy to drop sequins, which keeps shiny brightness and durability of glitter aisle runners. One Piece Seamless Sequin Aisle Runner For Wedding Ceremony.

This Sequin Aisle Floor Runner will set the perfect mood for a wedding, event, party, banquets .Give your occasion area a touch of fantastic and shinny with this sequin Aisle Floor Runner. Whether you're setting the table for guests or simply enjoying a event/banquet , this attractive beautiful sequin Aisle Floor Runner will add color to the occasion .

Light Reflects well off the sequins, adds elegance to any event. Gold Carpet Wedding Aisle Floor Runner Hollywood Party Birthday Prom Decorations.

aisle runner aisle runner Aisle Runners for Weddings aisle runner Aisle Runners for Weddings Aisle Runners for Weddings
Gold Aisle Runner Silver Aisle Runner Pink Aisle Runner Lilac Aisle Runner Blue Aisle Runner White Aisle Runner
Size 4FTx30FT 4FTx20FT 4FTx15FT 4FTx10FT 3FTx15FT 2FTx15FT

ShinyBeauty 4FTx15FT-Sequin Aisle Runner-Gold Sparkly Carpet Run

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