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Many popular brands Peterson Dallas Mall Standard Smooth 314 PLIP Pipe Tobacco

Peterson Standard Smooth 314 Tobacco Pipe PLIP


Peterson Standard Smooth 314 Tobacco Pipe PLIP

Product description

Product: Peterson Standard Smooth 314 Tobacco Pipe with PLip Brand: Peterson Country: Ireland Bowl Material: Briar Finish: Smooth Stem Material: Acrylic Shape: 314 Package: Box Filter: None Length: 5.15 in. / 130.74 mm. Height: 1.73 in. / 43.93 mm. Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.40 in. / 35.48 mm. Bowl Inside Diameter: 0.76 in. / 19.29 mm. Bowl Depth: 1.45 in. / 36.72 mm. Weight: 1.6 oz. / 45 g. *Pipe measurements are approximate **Pipe pictures are not of actual pipe you may receive.

Peterson Standard Smooth 314 Tobacco Pipe PLIP

Scientific literature – Longevity

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