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Bimba Ladies Maxi Muslim Abaya Rayon Jilbab Hi Dress Max 47% OFF Cotton Popular shop is the lowest price challenge with

Bimba Ladies Maxi Muslim Abaya Rayon Dress Jilbab with Cotton Hi


Bimba Ladies Maxi Muslim Abaya Rayon Dress Jilbab with Cotton Hi

Product description

✤ Look Your Best While Heading Out During The Day By Wearing This Dress With Hijab By Bimba. This Dress Will Be A Comfortable Pick For Sure As It Is Fashioned. Just Team It With A Pair Of Platforms To Complete Your Effortlessly Stylish Look.

✤ Sale For: 1 Dress+1 Hijab.

✤ Dress Material: Rayon.

✤ Hijab Material: Cotton.

✤ Dress Length: 58 Inches (Dress Length Can Be Altered On Request).

✤ Sleeve Length: 22 Inches.

✤ Hijab Size: 60 Inches.

✤ Model Height: 175 Cm.

➽ Care :

✤ Dry Clean Or Hand Wash In Cold With Mild Detergent.

✤ Iron It When Slightly Damp.

✤ Air Dry Only.

✤ Don'T Bleach.

✤ Do Not Wring Out The Embroidered Articles | Do Not Rub Stained Embroidery And Don’T Soak In Water For Long Time.

Bimba Ladies Maxi Muslim Abaya Rayon Dress Jilbab with Cotton Hi

Out Now: MONO - "Pilgrimage of the Soul"

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