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XUDREZ Roller Skates for Women, Double Row Skates Adjustable Rol


XUDREZ Roller Skates for Women, Double Row Skates Adjustable Rol

Product Description

Double-Row Roller Skates
Leopard High-top Roller Skates
roller skates

Note: Roller skate lengths are measured from the inside of the boot.

When choosing your roller skate size, it is better to go up a size than down a size. For example, if your foot measure 10.20inches, it is better to choose a skate that measures 10.23inches than 10.03inches.

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Women's Roller Skates PU Leather Four-Wheel Roller Skates XUDREZ Classic Women Roller Skates, Shiny Roller Skates XUDREZ Roller Skates PU Leather Roller Skates XUDREZ Roller Skates, Adjustable Roller Skates XUDREZ Cowhide Roller Skates, Roller Skates Four-Wheels Roller Skates XUDREZ Rubber PU Leather Roller Skates, Roller Skates
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XUDREZ Roller Skates for Women, Double Row Skates Adjustable Rol

Who We Are

The National Keratoconus Foundation (NKCF) is an outreach program of Gavin Herbert Eye Institute at UC-Irvine. We are dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of keratoconus (KC), and aim to provide resources to individuals with KC. We unfortunately do not provide financial assistance. Please browse our website to find out more about KC.

Introducing: Chang Reaction!

National Keratoconus Foundation is pleased to host Chang Reaction, a monthly broadcast where Dr. Clark Chang, OD will offer his expert opinion about all things keratoconus. An active author, researcher, and clinician, Dr. Chang is an in-demand speaker for eyecare professionals.  In 2020, Dr. Chang was named “Top Doc” by the NKCF in recognition of his outstanding care to patients with keratoconus.
On the first day of each month, NKCF will release a new ~20-minute episode of Chang Reaction.  He will be joined by Mary Prudden, Executive Director of NKCF, and the occasional guest to offer advice, insight, and answers.
Click here to learn more.

Did You Watch the Latest Webinar?

“Surgical Options for Keratoconus: What’s New With Corneal Transplants” with Dr. Majid Moshirfar, MD

Make sure you watch our webinar with Dr. Majid Moshirar, MD of Hoopes Vision in Draper, UT,  in which he shares his clinical expertise regarding corneal transplants for keratoconus. Dr. Moshirfar presented on what a corneal transplant entails, at what stage you may consider this treatment, and also answered some audience questions.
This webinar is moderated by Dr. Gloria Chiu, OD, of the USC Roski Eye Institute.
To watch, click HERE.


COVID-19 and Corrective Lens Wear

Since the recent declaration of the pandemic of COVID-19 by the World Health Organization, many false rumors and inaccurate suggestions have arisen regarding corrective lens wear. Click to read statements by contact lens experts about corrective lens recommendations as they relate to COVID-19. Watch a recording of our webinar “What You Should Know: KC & COVID-19” hosted by NKCF with guest speakers Dr. Stephanie Woo, OD and Dr. Joseph Ciolino, MD.

Quick Resources

NKCF is the world’s premier organization offering information about keratoconus.  Click here to learn more about resources available to you – either in print or on-line – including Living with Keratoconus, What is KC?, Corneal Transplant Surgery, and our regular e-newsletter.

You are not alone. The NKCF is here to provide support and information about KC, including a registry of eyecare professionals in the U.S. who have a special interest and expertise in the management of keratoconus. Click here to find a KC expert near you.

Be a part of the KC community

Your story may inspire or reassure someone new to the KC community. Whether you were diagnosed last week or thirty years ago, you have insights about life with KC that are meaningful to others. Join our private message board, KC-Link to ask and answer questions.

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What’s New?

Catch up on all the latest going on with KC research, breakthroughs, NKCF newsletters, and more.

Keratoconus: A Roadmap to Treatment [October 8, 2019 Webinar]

Please enjoy this recording of our webinar: “Keratoconus: A Roadmap to Treatment”

This webinar was led by our moderator, Dr. Jason Marsack, who discussed with Dr. Maria Walker and Dr. Matt Kauffman from the University of Houston, College of Optometry, where they shared their insight to what the newly diagnosed KC patient can expect.

This webinar was live on October 8, 2019. More webinars to follow.

Life With KC

Walking in Sunshine

During early clinical trials for cornea crosslinking (CXL), ophthalmologist Dr. John Jarstand MD of Evergreen Eye Center […]

Blepharitis: why eyelids get red & itchy

Regretfully, many individuals with keratoconus also suffer from other conditions affecting the health and comfort of […]

May 2021 Update Newsletter

Click here to read the May 2021 NKCF Newsletter

About Us

The National Keratoconus Foundation (NKCF) is an outreach program of The Gavin Herbert Eye Institute, UC Irvine.

The NKCF is dedicated to increasing the awareness and understanding of keratoconus and the support of scientific research into the cause and treatment of keratoconus.

What is Keratoconus?

Walking in Sunshine

During early clinical trials for cornea crosslinking (CXL), ophthalmologist Dr. John Jarstand MD of Evergreen Eye Center […]

Blepharitis: why eyelids get red & itchy

Regretfully, many individuals with keratoconus also suffer from other conditions affecting the health and comfort of […]

May 2021 Update Newsletter

Click here to read the May 2021 NKCF Newsletter

What Happens After CXL? Results from an NKCF Update Survey

   In the February NKCF Update, we asked those who had corneal crosslinking (CXL) about their experience.  Seventeen […]