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Elrene Home In a popularity Fashions Colette Faux Window P Blackout Rapid rise Curtain Silk

Elrene Home Fashions Colette Faux Silk Blackout Window Curtain P


Elrene Home Fashions Colette Faux Silk Blackout Window Curtain P

Product description


Elrene Home Fashions Colette Faux Silk Blackout Window Curtain P

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If you’re looking for top-quality home-grown bird seed, we at Really Wild Bird Food have everything you need to keep your local wildlife happy and healthy. Here on our family farm in Hampshire, we produce a vast selection of bird seed and cereal crops, all of which are carefully managed to achieve the highest possible standard.

We grow and source all of our products according to strict standards, offering a unique variety of bird feed that you’d be hard-pressed to find matched elsewhere. We also provide a variety of other products and feeds in order to meet the needs of all the different species of wildlife in your garden. We want to offer a comprehensive service that goes beyond other bird seed suppliers!

Here at Really Wild Bird Food, our main priority is to deliver superb taste and great variety in our bird feed, all whilst using environmentally-responsible farming methods from start to finish. Our website allows you to order your bird food online and have it delivered to your home for a very reasonable price.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us, and we’re confident that your garden birds will love our brilliant British bird food! If you have any questions about our bird seed mixes or any of the other products we provide, please feel free to give us a call on 01489 896785.

Our Happy Customers

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“An exceptional company! Progressive, customer-oriented and with a personal touch. Others would do well to emulate your model. Well done and thank you!”

Lavinia KeirNovember 2017
“Your new Gold seed mix is the best one I have tried. There is much less waste and it seems to suit both larger and small birds. With some of the other mixes I get a build up of smaller seeds and the crows and magpies throw it all over the ground. Hope it won't be too expensive after the intro period!”

Ms P BaileyApril 2016

How to Order our Feeds

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Call us on 01489 896785
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